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19th-Mar-2010 12:43 pm - Hello from Arizona~
But soon to be Michigan... first week of June (hopefully) I'll be in Clio~
Beyond the point though-

Point is, there is NOT much of an BJD communitiy (thatI know of..?) in Arizona, so I'm excited to see that there's one in the midwest! ^^

At the moment, I do not own any BJDs, but this summer when I move upon my asking- my grandparents, my aunt, and possibly my grandparents have offered me jobs here and there, so I will be saving up to get the doll(s) I want along with clothes, accessories, ect.

Though I do wonder- are there ANY BJD shops there? I haven't lived in the midwest in 7 years, and I only justy discovered the existance of BJDs this year-- Google hasn't given me any results for any shops.
The only physical store where I live now that I know of, isn't very trustworthy...
18th-Jan-2009 01:23 pm - Greetings
I just wanted to say hi to everyone out there. It's nice that I have found some doll owners so close to home lol. Well closer, I live in Chicago and have had little to no luck finding other doll owners, I'm sure your out there lol. So just a quick introduction, this is Alex:

and online I go by Megu :)
16th-Jan-2009 04:33 pm - Random Space Filler Post is Random
Where is everyone? D: Sorry for random post but... Here is some pretty I'd like to share. *0*

lol you can see my reflection in his eyes...

Might be the last photo of him until he gets a new faceup... D: He was just too pretty to leave to myself without sharing with my fellow Michigan dwellers. xD
His name is Jyusal, and he's a CP Delf NS Juri 2006.

I love him a lot...
2nd-Dec-2008 04:36 am - Hello... cold
Is cold.

I'm still waiting on my doll...

I'm new here (never posted), and my name is Brittany.
I live in west Michigan. So... Hello.
22nd-Feb-2008 08:03 am - Downtime
Looks like a server reboot is going on. DI will be down for a little longer this morning.

5th-Oct-2007 12:12 pm - RE: Forums
Resurrecting this community as a means to update the status of the Michigan BJD forums:

Currently the hosting is working on the servers, so there is a known delay/outage in loading the forums page.

My hosting status page is here:

If you want to check for downtime directly.

I may (if this continues to be a problem) look at moving again if needed.
first christmas
Hey, folksies. I've been asked to spread the word, and it's for a good cause :) And that is: to get VOLKS to open a store, or at least have a party, in Chicago. They need to know that we are in the midwest, too. And since we're so close to Chicago, we'll have a better chance of taking part in the experience without driving for 3 days or paying a couple hundred for flight fare (I think). Doesn't hurt to try, right? I'm not really a fan of VOLKS, but I'll take it anyway, darnit!

More information HERE and the address to send letters to HERE.
25th-Sep-2006 06:19 pm - Greetings!
arnold in kimono
I don't believe I ever introduced myself.

Hi! My name is Megan, and I live not too far away from Rochester. I've only been into BJD collecting for about 2 years, and only have one doll at the moment. Though I am planning to put another one on layaway soon (probably a Luts Soony, but it might end up being Wu).

Glad to know I'm not the only collector in Michigan. My hobbies always feel expensive and obscure (because they usually are) and it's nice to know I'm not alone. I'm only sorry I've not been able to attend any meetings, either because I didn't know about them until too late (Renaissance Faire? Wizzywig? You FIENDS!!), or couldn't make it anyway.
25th-Sep-2006 05:34 am(no subject)
Hey, I'm a new member! My name is Shannon and I don't have any dolls yet =( I'm currently in a war with the person I'm buying my first head from (A Yder)... hence why my user pic is Carmen Sandiego stealing my Yder head. (Ancolie_soo made it for me!) For my second doll purchase I've got my heart set on a Dollmore Ipsae Monahan. Oooh she's so pretty *_*
Any-hoo, I'm the friend whom Ancolie_soo has been thinking of going to Dolloween with, I live near Battle Creek, and I'm 24. Nice to meet you all.
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