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Michigan ABJD Club
Hello from Arizona~ 
19th-Mar-2010 12:43 pm
But soon to be Michigan... first week of June (hopefully) I'll be in Clio~
Beyond the point though-

Point is, there is NOT much of an BJD communitiy (thatI know of..?) in Arizona, so I'm excited to see that there's one in the midwest! ^^

At the moment, I do not own any BJDs, but this summer when I move upon my asking- my grandparents, my aunt, and possibly my grandparents have offered me jobs here and there, so I will be saving up to get the doll(s) I want along with clothes, accessories, ect.

Though I do wonder- are there ANY BJD shops there? I haven't lived in the midwest in 7 years, and I only justy discovered the existance of BJDs this year-- Google hasn't given me any results for any shops.
The only physical store where I live now that I know of, isn't very trustworthy...
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